Thursday, September 7, 2017

2017 Global Patient-Centered Awarded Announced at Fauquier Health

Fauquier Hospital was one of the first five hospitals in the nation to become a designated Planetree hospital in 2001. In a multi-year process, the hospital was evaluated on how well it focused on patient-centered care, putting the patient first and treating the whole person. Since then, Fauquier Hospital has stood out as a model of patient-centered care.

·       Planetree is all about people caring for people, providing friendly, nurturing, compassionate and personalized care. Every hospital experience is viewed from the perspective of the patient, to provide the best holistic care possible. The health system has worked hard to create a culture that is supportive and nurturing for the staff. When employees care for and support each other, increased staff satisfaction means less employee turnover, which, in turn, is good for our patients.

·       All this is still true today, but just like healthcare, Planetree has grown and changed in the last 16 years. Its focus on quality and patient satisfaction has made Planetree a more rigorous champion of compassionate care.

·       The Spirit of Planetree awards (which were awarded at each Planetree hospital) have evolved as well, into the Global Patient-Centered Care Awards. This year, the process asked for hospital nominations for Pet Therapy Animals, Person-Centered Care Innovation teams and Planetree Scholars. Fauquier Hospital has nominated Pet Therapy animals for years, and the Planetree Scholars awards combines the caregivers and physician champion awards of previous years.

·       The Innovation Awards are new this year, and represent Planetree’s new direction. The nominees celebrate healthcare’s constant changing landscape and the desire to update processes and technology for the good of the patient.

·       Award recipients were announced at a reception last week. Here are the nominees and recipients (highlighted in bold):
         Animal Therapy Team Award 
     These teams are often comprised of ordinary pets and their handlers who do extraordinary things in healthcare environments, whether helping patients with their physical therapy, lending an ear to a person who is suffering emotionally, or by simply providing a tail-wagging welcome.

• Luci and Jan Nelsen, with Pet Representative Carolyn Strong
• Remy and Stephanie Teague, with Pet Representative Charlotte Flohr
• Royce and Joanne Pinnette, with Pet Representative Pat Morris
• Tess and Lisa Fox, with Pet Representative Pat Morris

          Person-Centered Care Innovation Award
Betty Jo Mills-Mocarski, Sandy Shipe,
Heather Reid and Sue Dove were
nominated for the
Innovation Award for spearheading a
Reiki program for cancer patients

This award recognizes ideas and initiatives that serve to radically improve the experience of care for patients, families, staff and communities.

     • Citrix Xen Desktop with Imprivata Single Sign On
Justin Kaminski and Mike Del Grosso
Offering Reiki to Infusion Center patientsSandy Shipe, Richard Shrout, Sue Dove, Allison Cameron, Staff RNs (Heather Reid, Chrissy Patterson, Trenna Larson, Lisa Mountjoy, Lorie Harris, Karen Gilbert, Betty Jo Mills-Mocarski)
Patient Rights and Responsibilities RewriteMarlene Gardner, Alesia Schraf, Amy Powers, Amanda Sturgeon, Katy Reeves, Kathy Stump, Will Thomas, Cindy Hobbs-Witmer, Angie Kallio, Dave Jones, Donna Staton
• Ramser Total Joint Perioperative Protocol
James Ramser, MD

Sarah Pearson, administrator at
The Villa at Suffield Meadows,
congratulates Rebekah Abate
on her nomination as a
Planetree Scholar Award.
Rebekah was a Planetree
International finalist.
Dr. Wesley Hodgson, OB/GYN
was a recipient of the
Planetree Scholar Award.
           Planetree Scholar Awards
This award honors individuals whose patient-centered works and deeds inspire us all to greater heights.

• Rebekah Abate, LPN, Villa at Suffield Meadows
• Carrie Banks, RN, Intermediate Care Nursery
• Donna Burke, RN, ED
• Pam Burns, RN, PCU
• Deborah Carver, RN, FBC
• Harleigh Childress, Clinical Tech, PCU
• Alexandra Cleckner, RN, Care Manager, FHRNC
• Sue Dove, Reiki Volunteer, Wellness Center
• Amy DeMarr, RN, 3 South
• Claudia Dornin & Amy Powers, HR and SD
• Jim Favareau, RN, PCU
• Helen Gaines, Associate, EVS
• Janet Getty, Patient Care Technician, 3 South
• Wesley Hodgson, MD, FHPS
• Charlene Holland, Unit Support Specialist, MI
• Colleen Jacobs, RN, PCU
• Mackenzie Madonna, RN, 3 South
• Bonnie Martinez, Mammography Technologist, MI
• Ken McCaldon, Engineering Mechanic IV, Facilities
• Kristen Pierce, Physical Therapist, PMR
• Delia Pomeroy, RN, 3 South
Amy Powers, Organizational Development
• Katie Rivera, Patient Access Specialist
• Alesia Schraf, Patient Advocate

• Belinda Schultz, Financial Patient Advocate/Counseling Manager
• Mohammad Siddiqui, MD, Hospitalist Chair

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