Thursday, February 2, 2017

SOUPer Bowl Collects Food to Feed the Hungry

As the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons prepare to face off in the NFL Super Bowl LI, Fauquier Health will host its own SOUPer Bowl. We’d like to collect 1,100 cans of soup (one for each employee) and deliver them to a local food bank in early February. Please bring your donated can(s) of soup to the Bistro and place them in the box of the team you think will win.

The SOUPer Bowl will run through February 3.

Reaching Out to Help Our Community
The idea for a SOUPer Bowl community project originated four years ago with Marshall Middle School’s assistant principal Les Balgavy. The school’s successful effort to help feed the hungry has inspired Fauquier Health to expand on that effort.

As a Planetree facility, Fauquier Health is dedicated to supporting our community by contributing to projects outside the walls of our organization. We try to positively impact our community with donations to Toys for Tots, Adopt-a-Family, the Relay for Life, and other organizations.

The SOUPer Bowl is another great way to serve our community.

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