Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Cancer Care Physician Joins Fauquier Health

Dr. Raj Pal Manchandani, oncology, hematology
Hematologist/oncologist Dr. Raj Pal Manchandani has joined Fauquier Health’s Center for Cancer Care. He is board certified in hematology and medical oncology, with extensive training in management of solid and hematologic malignancies, as well as in benign hematologic disorders.

Dr. Manchandani acknowledges that cancer is a difficult disease. “Cancer patients are living longer and better, but a cancer diagnosis is still overwhelming. That’s why I give compassionate care for the whole person, not just for the disease. I am privileged to be able to help people during this very difficult time in their lives.”
Fauquier Health Hematology/Oncology is at the heart of Fauquier Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care, which also includes its Infusion Center. Dr. Manchandani said, “Patients appreciate being able to come to a familiar environment and get the same standard of care as a bigger hospital. Having cancer care in their own community saves time and offers comfort, to patients and to their caregivers.”

He describes nurses in the Infusion Center as “eyes and ears for me. I may only see a patient once a month, but they see them every week or every other week. They spend more time with patients and if they are concerned or see anything unusual, they can let me know. They are an integral part of our care team.”

Dr. Manchandani also appreciates having an experienced oncology nurse navigator to provide additional support. “Richard (Shrout, MS, RN) provides a bridge between me as a physician and the other services we provide. He sees patients on their first visit and guides them through the process. He provides additional education on their disease and treatment plan and coordinates evaluation forclinical trials. He also helps make appointments, arrange transportation, and helps with insurance. He is a wonderful resource.”

Dr. Manchandani says that he was inspired to work in oncology in part because in his native Pakistan, there is so little available. Patients don’t have access to doctors, to chemotherapy or technology. When it became time to decide on my career, I remembered their suffering.” Dr. Manchandani is optimistic about the future of cancer care. He believes that within five to seven years, a cancer diagnosis will no longer require chemotherapy, which can be so hard on patients. “We have medications now that allow us to boost the immune system to be an active agent against cancer cells. Some cancers – some melanomas, lung, kidney, bladder and throat cancers are already being treated this way. In the near future, we’ll be able to treat lymphomas and even colon cancer this way.”To make an appointment with Fauquier Health Hematology/Oncology, please call (540) 316-4360.

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