Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fauquier Hospital Art Wall Features Photography by Carson McRae

Carson McRae
Fauquier Hospital's Art Wall, on the first floor of Fauquier Hospital above the Bistro, currently features the photography of Carson McRae of McRae Photography

A new Art Wall exhibition is always a pleasure to announce. Since I have been with Fauquier Hosptital, I have seen some beautiful pieces displayed -- watercolors, oil paintings, photography, even handmade quilts.

It's a special pleasure to announce the exhibit for January and February of this year, though, because the artist is also my son. Carson has only been working in photography for a couple of years, and putting together an exhibit of 40 or so pictures was quite an undertaking -- a learning experience for both of us. I have a new appreciation for the artists who graciously provide artwork for hospital visitors to enjoy.

A day or two after the exhibition was up, Carson stopped by the hospital to make a few adjustments to the exhibit. While he was there, several hospital employees were looking at his photos and exclaiming. What a boost for him, to get some unsolicited positive feedback!

As his mom, I'd like to thank Fauquier Hospital for the opportunity it offers local artists to display their work. 

As a completely unbiased observer, I'd like to encourage you to stop by and see the exhibit. It's up until the end of February.

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