Thursday, November 20, 2014

Couple Marries in Chapel at Fauquier Hospital

Jarett Houk hugs his new bride moments after Jud Fischel pronounces them husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony of Jarett Houk and Emily Howell in Fauquier Hospital’s Chapel was short but sweet. The bride’s mom and stepdad were there for the event.

Emily Howell’s mom Kimberly Lovewell, a patient at Fauquier Hospital, checks out the wedding bouquet.

Jarett and Emily Houk.

Some traditions are essential: The Bistro on the Hill provided the wedding cake.

Kimberly Lovewell of Marshall was disappointed that her daughter Emily Howell had to forego a big church wedding, but was thrilled to be a part of a simple ceremony – even though she was a patient at Fauquier Hospital. Howell married her fiancĂ©, Jarett Houk, in the hospital chapel the morning of November 18. Houk will be leaving for boot camp in January, and the paperwork for their marriage was due with the Marine Corps this week. The couple wanted to be sure the bride’s mom was a part of the ceremony, so arrangements were hastily made to tie the knot in the hospital.

Lisa Spitzer with Fauquier Hospital ran out to buy flowers for the Chapel and a “bouquet” (a small pot of flowers from the Gift Shop) for the bride. The bakers in the Bistro were enlisted to provide a cake and an amateur photographer was located. When Kimberly Lovewell arrived in her wheelchair, all was ready.

Local attorney Jud Fischel was the Justice of the Peace. He noticed that after he declared the couple married, Houk didn’t need to be reminded to kiss the bride.

Lovewell shed a few tears after the ceremony, as she shook her head and said to her daughter, “I can’t believe you are all grown up.” The bride’s stepdad, Steve Lovewell, just smiled indulgently.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Houk met about 18 months ago at a BMX race where he was competing. She remembered, “We were in a bar in Virginia Beach and I bought Gatorades for all the BMXers. I thought Jarett was cute, so I bought him two.” Jarett proposed in that bar a year later, at the same competition, in front of 300 people.

Houk is signed up for a four-year stint in the Marines, but says he would like to make it a career. His goal is to work as a mechanic. Emily Houk plans to return to college in the fall, and train hard for the 2016 Olympics in field hockey. She played as a forward for several years after high school in Scotland, and is eager to make the U.S.A. team. Jarett knows the first few years of their marriage will be difficult because of the frequent separations, but is completely supportive of his wife’s dream. “If she is going to do it, she needs to do it now.”

When the couple was asked if they felt any differently after the ceremony, the bride shook her head no, but the groom answered in the affirmative. “It’s a different level of happy.”

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