Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two New Physicians Join Fauquier Health OB/GYN

Fauquier Health OB/GYN
Dr. Wesley Hodgson, M.D.,  FACOG
Dr. Elizabeth Garreau, M.D, FACOG, FACS
Dr. Sumiya Majeed, M.D., FACOG
253 Veterans Drive, Suite 210
Warrenton, VA  20186
Phone: 540-316-5930

Dr. Elizabeth Garreau, Dr. Wesley Hodgson and Dr. Sumiya Majeed, of Fauquier Health OB/GYN.

With the addition of two new physicians, Fauquier Health OB/GYN has expanded to serve the needs of area families. Elizabeth Ann Garreau, M.D. and Sumiya Majeed, M.D., have joined Dr. Wesley Hodgson at the Medical Office Building on the Fauquier Hospital campus.

Dr. Elizabeth Garreau
With 23 years of experience, Dr. Elizabeth Ann Garreau, OB/GYN, is still enthusiastic about caring for patients. “OB/GYN is the only specialty that combines primary care -- seeing patients regularly during different phases of their lives -- with surgery, which is so satisfying because you can fix problems instead of just managing them. We can make such differences in our patients' lives!”

Dr. Garreau is a strong advocate for patients to seek care early if they notice a problem or something they don’t understand.  She says, “It is so exciting to find a disease or problem in a very early stage and treat it then, so the patient is spared from suffering from a much more serious disease.And when it comes to her pregnant patients, she emphasizes preventative care as well: maintaining a healthy weight, proper nutrition, regular exercise, and thorough prenatal care, to give the mom-to-be the best chance for a trouble-free delivery and healthy baby.

Sometimes, patients get even more than they bargained for. Dr. Garreau recalls, “We had a young woman who came in with a missed cycle. Her pregnancy test was positive and she left feeling surprised. During an early sonogram we found she was carrying twins. She left feeling really surprised. On her next visit, a sonogram showed she was actually pregnant with triplets!  She left joking, ‘I'm not coming back. Every time I come in you find another baby!’ She delivered three healthy identical boys.”

Dr. Garreau has a simple philosophy when it comes to caring for her patients. “Patients are generally smart and interested in their care, so they do better when they understand their condition and are given choices about treatments. I explain things in understandable language, and I provide lots of information.”

Dr. Sumiya Majeed
As the second new physician to join Fauquier Health OB/GYN in the last month, Sumiya Majeed, M.D., also seems to have a special calling to meet women’s specific medical needs. She says, “Women have a tendency to place their own personal health care needs at a lower priority than the other demands in life. I encourage women to take charge of their own health. To do that, they need the right information. I try to share with patients my understanding and knowledge of what is happening in ways they can understand. In fact, I am notorious for my poorly drawn pictures that I use to help them visualize things!”

Dr. Majeed has a particular enthusiasm for performing minimally invasive surgery; managing low-and high-risk obstetrics; helping women choose the best birth control choices, and providing gynecological care for young adults. “I love creating relationships with women that I get to see on a regular basis.”

A veteran of a busy city hospital, Dr. Majeed says that she appreciates the value of the patient-centered model at Fauquier Health. “I believe the women I will take care of here will recognize the effort that goes into making their care comfortable and safe.”

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