Friday, February 1, 2013

Ranelle Merrick is Latest DAISY Award Recipient

Ranelle Merrick, RN

Ranelle Merrick, RN, is Fauquier Health's DAISY Award recipient for this quarter. She was nominated, along with 15 of her peers, for exhibiting compassionate care. All nominees were singled out by patients or patients’ families -- some for a specific generous act and others for consistently thoughtful caregiving.

At the DAISY celebration on Monday, Linda Sharkey, vice president of patient care services and chief nurse exectutive, explained that Ranelle was recognized by one of her patients, who was in ICU with a terminal illness. The patient wrote that he had decided that he wanted to live his last few days in peace. He expressed a desire to feel the sun on his face and the wind in his hair before leaving this earth, and Ranelle took it upon herself to make sure those wishes were honored. She took the patient out during her shifts, and even on her days off.

The DAISY Award is given out quarterly to a Fauquier Health nurse who goes to extraordinary lengths to provide compassionate care.     
Amanda Street, RN
Rebecca Caperton, RN
Lillian Thomas, RN

Nurses Nominated for the DAISY Award  

Tammy Adams, RN -- Nursing Administration

Rebecca Caperton, RN -- Family Birthing Center

Filochi Lozano-Cayton, RN -- Intensive Care Unit

Summer Cornwell, RN -- 3S/3W

Dianna Fanning, RN -- Emergency Department

Monica Fulcher, RN -- Intensive Care Unit

Rebecca Garner, RN -- Third Floor

Ranelle Merrick, RN

Catherine (Deb) Pacilio, RN -- Nursing Administration

Christine Patterson, RN -- Infusion Center

Alesia Schraf, RN -- Third Floor

Dawn Wright Shears, RN -- Third Floor

Beverlyn Silerbauer, RN -- Emergency Department

Amanda Street, RN -- Emergency Department 

Lois Sutphin, RN -- Infusion Center

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