Monday, September 17, 2012

Car Control Clinic for New Drivers a Lifesaver

I just posted the calendar of events for Fauquier Health for October, but wanted to call particular attention to the Care Control Clinic for New Drivers. I went through this course with my son when he was 16. It was awesome. He is 21 now and has never had an accident; there have been several occassions that he has used the skills used in the class to avoid serious consequences.

This class is particularly on my mind today, since my daughter has a newly minted learner's permit, and we experienced our first near-death experience with her at the wheel this weekend. Fortunately, her alert dad saved the day, and we all survived the scare with nothing but a few tears.

If she had already taken this course, I feel certain the close call could have been avoided. Here are the details.

Thursday, November 1

Car Control Clinic for New Drivers

Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore Room

When: 7 p.m.

Behind-the-wheel session (choose one)

Saturday or Sunday, November 3 or 4, morning or afternoon

Cost: $179

Register: 800-862-3277 or

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