Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dr. Katz says, "De-junk Yourself"


This is a video presented by Dr. David Katz (and his children) and the Turn the Tide Foundation. It's fun and silly. Your kids may like it.

It got me thinking. Every family struggles to some extent with getting kids to eat right. I have three children and my trio is no exception.

My oldest decided to become a vegetarian when she was 8 (she has always been very socially conscious). She is now 23 and on her own; she is a farmers market aficionado and knows what hummus is.

My son, at 20, is cooking for himself for the first time this summer. We bought him groceries during a visit recently -- I kept putting vegetables in his cart and he kept taking them out. Fruits, yes. Veggies, no. He has started texting me with requests, though: "Mom, how do you cook a pork loin?" "Can you send me the recipe for that chicken with mustard sauce that you make?" "Can I have that extra crock pot we have in the garage?" I have hopes that he will learn the value of healthy eating, mostly because he is a college student and is too broke to buy fast food.

My 15-year-old astounds her friends by shunning soda and demanding fruits and vegetables at every meal. She'll make herself a protein shake for breakfast, to accompany some scrambled eggs or leftover chicken from the night before. We pack her lunch with healthy foods every school day and she snacks on tomato and mozzarella salad, a banana with peanut butter or some trail mix. I would love to take credit for her good habits, but her track coach gets all the kudos. He talks with his athletes about healthy eating and she (literally) eats it up. Thank you, Coach Carter.

There is so much information about how what we eat affects how we feel, now and for years to come. Share this video with your kids. Maybe it will inspire them to "de-junk" themselves.

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