Monday, May 28, 2012

Fauquier Hospital Featured on NPR Programs

Jordana Gustafson and Julie Rovner of NPR, on the right,
enjoy a celebration to honor Erin Littleton,

Fauquier Hospital's Ruth Krusie
Excellence in Nursing recipient.
A couple of weeks ago, a reporting team from National Public Radio came out to Fauquier Hospital as part of their "Sick in America" series. They were attempting to shed light on the healthcare system in our country -- what's right and what's wrong.

A recent survey by the Robert Wood Foundation found that most patients felt their healthcare needs were not being met. The organizers of the series had heard about Planetree and wondered if it presented a possibility for a better way to deliver care.

Writer Julie Rovner, producer Jordana Gustafson and photographer John Rose spent all day at Fauquier Hospital, talking to physicians, staff and patients about patient-centered care. See for yourself what they learned.

NPR's food blog, "The Salt," appeared first, and focused on Fauquier Hospital's Bistro on the Hill:

The main audio piece was heard on "All Things Considered" on May 23. It was accompanied by a written story and 8 photos:

Rodger Baker, Fauquier Health CEO and president, was interviewed for a live show called "Talk of the Nation on May 24." Listen at:

As an added bonus, Fauquier Hospital was mentioned again on "Morning Edition" this morning, for its efforts to put patients first:

Thanks to all the Fauquier Hospital staff who agreed to be interviewed -- Lisa Spitzer, our always cheerful and caring concierge; Emergency Department doctors Greg Wagner, M.D. and Matthew Rhames, M.D., who were as generous with their time as they could be; Dr. Adam Winick, interventional radiologist, who gave some historical perspective; Erin Littleton, RN, recipient of this year's Ruth Krusie Excellence in Nursing Award; and to the kind patients who took the time to share their experiences -- members of the Senior Supper Club for instance, and the happy parents of a beautiful two-hour-old baby girl.

And thanks to Julie, Jordana and John, for helping us to share the word about patient-centered care.

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