Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fauquier Hospital’s Infusion Center Nurses Focus on Patient Care

It's a good idea now and then to look beyond amazing technology and high-profile treatments to the folks who care for patients. Among the dozens of caring, compassionate, knowledgeable nurses at Fauquier Hospital are the very special nurses who care for patients in our Infusion Center.

Some patients in Fauquier Hospital’s Infusion Center have treatments that last for several hours at a time. That’s one reason they find it so comforting to be cared for by such compassionate and experienced nurses. (And Fauquier Health Hematology/Oncology, with Salman Syed Ali, M.D. is located adjacent to the Infusion Center, for seamless cancer care.)

Together, the Infusion Center’s eight nurses boast more than 200 years of nursing experience. Carol Casavecchia is an RN IV on the clinical ladder, which is the highest level. It requires professional development through participation in continuing education, community and committee involvement, and being a clinical leader. She has 41 years of nursing experience, including 27 years of oncology experience, and has earned her Oncology Certified Nursing certification.

Lorie Harris has 14 years nursing experience. She is chemotherapy biotherapy certified.
Jane Weatherford is also an RN IV on the clinical ladder. She has 25 years of nursing experience and is OCN certified. Mary Armstrong has 24 years experience as a nurse.
Chrissy Patterson has eight years experience as a nurse, all of them in oncology nursing, and is OCN certified.

Lois Sutphin is RN IV on the clinical ladder as well and is OCN certified. She has spent her entire 38 years as a nurse at Fauquier Hospital and has nine years of oncology experience. Trenna Larson has 26 years nursing experience. She is chemotherapy biotherapy certified. Fran Cecere is a parttime Infusion Center nurse. She holds a master’s degree in nursing and has earned her Advanced Oncology Certified Nursing certification.

In the photo: Nurses of the Fauquier Hospital Infusion Center: Carol Casavecchia, RN; Lorie Harris, RN; Jane Weatherford, RN; Mary Armstrong, RN; Chrissy Patterson, RN; Lois Sutphin, RN; and Trenna Larson, RN.

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