Thursday, January 27, 2011

CDC Estimates 26 Million Americans Have Diabetes

U.S. health officials have raised their estimate of how many Americans have diabetes to nearly 26 million. The 2008 estimate was 23.6 million.

Centers for Disease Control reports that "Diabetes affects 8.3% of all Americans and 11.3% of adults age 20 and older. Some 27% of people with diabetes – 7 million Americans – do not know they have the disease. In 2010, 1.9 million Americans were first diagnosed with diabetes.

"Prediabetes affects 35% of adults age 20 and older, and half of Americans age 65 and older. Prediabetes is a condition in which blood glucose (sugar) levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

"CDC estimates that as many as a third of U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050 if current trends continue. Type 2 diabetes, in which the body gradually loses its ability to use and produce insulin, accounts for 90% to 95% of cases. Risk factors for type 2 diabetes include older age, obesity, family history, having diabetes while pregnant, a sedentary lifestyle and race/ethnicity."

Fauquier Health's Wellness Center offers several special programs for those with diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management Training Class
This class offers help in learning the basics of managing diabetes. Participants receive a free glucometer, test strips and lancets, as well as free week membership to the Wellness Center during enrollment. Classes, which require a doctor’s referral, include one-on-one sessions with a nurse and a dietitian, followed by eight hours of group classes. The program accepts Medicare and most insurance plans. Day, evening and weekend classes are now forming.

Diabetes Support Group
This FREE group is for anyone with any type of diabetes, as well as those who support or care for a person with diabetes. Get questions answered and learn management skills from guest speakers. Class meets on the second Thursday of every other month in the Wellness Center.

Insulin Pump Management
Whether you have been using a pump for years, or you are considering the pump to better manage your diabetes, we are here to help. Improve your self management, utilize your pump features and fine tune your settings. Doctor’s referral required for insurance coverage.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Take advantage of new technology by wearing a device that measures your blood sugar value every five minutes. Includes a 24-hour profile of blood sugar fluctuations for three days. Ideal for fine tuning therapy and behavioral changes for better management outcomes. Covered by some insurances with a doctor’s referral and preauthorization.

The Wellness Center employs two diabetes educators, Aren Dodge, RD, CDE, Nutrition and Diabetes program coordinator; and Dorothy Williams, RN, CDE, Diabetes Nurse Educator. Call 540-316-2652 to reach Aren or Dottie, or e-mail for more information.

To see the CDC fact sheet on diabetes, go to

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