Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fauquier Health Staffer Makes One Change for Health

When Linda Davidson arrived here from England 24 years ago she only planned to stay a couple of years, but sometimes life gets in the way, and she remains here today. And that is the way her weight gain happened as well, a little at a time, hardly noticeable at first. Perhaps it was too much American fast food or maybe the stress of adjusting to a new culture; it’s hard to pinpoint any one reason. But when Linda heard about the Make One Change wellness program that Fauquier Health was offering to its employees, she decided it was time to lose those extra pounds.

When Linda first read about the program, she thought, “I can’t do this. It is way too much!” But LeAnn McCusker, director of the Fauquier Health Wellness Center (formerly the Fauquier Health LIFE Center), explained, “Make One Change just asks you to commit to changing one aspect of your lifestyle. For 12 weeks you can focus on just one change that will help you be a healthier person. We have lots of options, designed to work for you and your specific situation.”

Since then, Linda has lost 28 pounds through Make One Change and is on her way to losing the final 7 that will put her at her goal weight. She is looking and feeling great. She explains, “What I like about Make One Change is it isn’t extreme. There are no foods I have to eat and no foods I can’t eat. I exercise moderately and I stay under 1,600 calories, which is a healthy long-term amount. This is not a crash diet, it is a lifestyle change. I keep a food journal one week every month, which is enough to show me where I can improve and not so much as to have my life revolve around food journaling.”

Why does she stick with Make One Change instead of other programs? Linda says, “In addition to the sensible program, I like the upbeat e-mails with tips, recipes and encouraging messages, and the Wellness Center staff are always there to answer my questions.” As an additional motivation, those who finish the 12-week program are eligible for rewards. Linda says the rewards are a very nice extra.

Linda can sign up for a new session of Make One Change every 12 weeks. She has tried following a plan on her own, but found being in the program helped a lot. “I can maintain just fine off of the program, but I didn’t lose. It helps you stay on track and accountable.” So, until she reaches her goal, she will stick with it.

Linda had been on diets before, “None of my previous diets re-educated me or got me down to my ideal weight. The skills I learned through Make One Change will help me keep it off for a lifetime.”

Make One Change Offered to Community for First Time

In January, Fauquier Health is offering the Make One Change program to the community for the first time. You can choose one of five goals to focus on: while weight loss is one option, you can also choose to learn to eat healthier, get more exercise, learn to manage your stress, or even stop smoking. Whichever you choose, Make One Change is the sensible and affordable way to do it. When you join the program, you receive a full-access gym membership* plus many extras for any Make One Change goal you choose. There are pre- and post-assessments, free physician lectures, special demos and lots of giveaways. Those who complete the program will be eligible to win some really great prizes. To sign up or to learn more, call 540-316-2640.

* In January, new Wellness Center members who sign up for the Make One Change program receive a 30% discount; current members who sign up for the program in January will receive a free month when they complete the program.

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