Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action at Fauquier Hospital

I am working late tonight, enabling a young filmmaker to shoot some scenes from a feature film at Fauquier Hospital. The movie is called "Kidney Beans." It's about a young man who donated a kidney to his cousin -- the story is based on the filmmaker's own experience.

R.J. Haynes, the screenwriter and director, has called on his deep roots in Fauquier to recruit actors and crew. R.J. graduated from Liberty High School a few years ago and from James Madison University last spring. From a young age, he was a regular on the stage at Fauquier Community Theatre and directed a summer show there too. Among the theater crowd in the county, R.J.'s is a familiar face.

R.J. and his crew will shoot here on the Fauquier Hospital campus for four evenings. They are thrilled to be able to shoot on location in a hospital. R.J. and his group have been professional and considerate, and we've managed to keep any hubbub well away from our patients.

The crew has borrowed some scrubs and hospital gowns for authenticity. We also have some IV setups in some of the scenes, but the actors declined to be hooked up. Must not be method actors.

More information about the film may be found at www.kidneybeansblog.blogspot.com or by emailing kidneybeansmovie@gmail.com.

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