Thursday, July 1, 2010

LIFE Center Partners with Fauquier County Employees to "Lighten Up"

Fauquier County government and school division employees have partnered with the Fauquier Health LIFE Center in a new program called Lighten Up Fauquier: What Are You Weighting For? It's running for 12 weeks, with a different event each week. Events range from classes (yoga, Zumba, Pilates, etc.) to presentations (label reading, motivation, benefits of exercise, etc.). Participants also will enjoy a free week at the LIFE Center and a picnic in July to celebrate their successes.

“The county is trying to improve the health of its employees and introduce them to wellness initiatives and information,” said Sara Freeman, exercise physiologist at the LIFE Center.

Mary J. Murphy, benefits and risk manager of Fauquier County government and public schools, said, “The reason we partnered with the LIFE Center is because of its relationship with the hospital and the availability of the medical staff. We are trying to increase wellness among our employees and thought that offering a program that incorporates wellness education along with various exercise programs would help get employees off to a good start.”

She added, “The LIFE Center staff has done a wonderful job. The instructors for the exercise classes are very personable and make the classes enjoyable. The presenters for the seminars are very knowledgeable and use great analogies and examples to really get the employees thinking.

“LeAnn McCusker, director of the LIFE Center, worked with us to make this an affordable program that we can offer to our staff.”

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