Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jr. Volunteers to the Rescue -- STAT!

As you may have read before, my daughter, 13, is a Junior Volunteer with Fauquier Health. She is enjoying it immensely, working with Lisa Spitzer, the hospital's concierge and patient advocate. She and two other girls have spent the last three weeks or so visiting patients, wheeling the Comfort Carousel (a cart with books, toiletries and games) to patient rooms, and generally spreading sunshine and light.

MacKenzie takes the responsibility very seriously. Every morning, she adjusts her red and white striped smock, straightens her hospital badge and I drive her to "work."

Sometimes the girls sort donated toys or quilts, but often they spend time visiting with patients who would like some company.

This morning, as we drove to work, MacKenzie told me that yesterday, the excitement level was pushed up a notch. "We had an emergency yesterday, Mom, and I was right there. I got to help."

I imagined briefly my bright-eyed teen doing CPR on an unconscious patient, or perhaps a little open-heart surgery. I saw her in my mind, calm and cool in the face of a life or death situation.

Then she pulled me out of my reverie by explaining, "Somebody called for a cup of ice and some ginger ale, STAT, and we ran to bring it!"

Apparently, a woman was feeling unwell as she waited for the elevator and my baby girl came to the rescue with a life-giving soft drink. I am so proud.

I asked her if she had to run to the Bistro on the Hill for the drink and she replied that there are drinks and ice in every pantry on the patient floors.

"Really?" I said casually. "Well, you know more than I do."

She looked at me sideways with a wry expression and said, "Get used to it, Mom."

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The next generation rocks!