Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fauquier Hospital and the Girl in the Red and White Smock

If you are going to faint for any reason, Fauquier Hospital is a good place to do it. My daughter MacKenzie found that out during her second day as a Junior Volunteer at the hospital. She is spending three weeks working with Lisa Spitzer, Concierge and Patient Advocate -- someone who after meeting her for the first time, I officially named "the nicest person I've ever met." That title still holds.

Kenzie and her partner were in Lisa's office listening to directions, when "everything went black."
She felt very sick to her stomach and couldn't hear what Lisa was saying. Kenzie sank into a chair and told Lisa she wasn't feeling well and Lisa helped her to lie down on the floor. Kenzie doesn't remember that part.

Lisa found that my little girl's pulse was "thready," and immediately called in the hospital's Rapid Response Team. When Kenzie opened her eyes again, she said, "there was a nurse kneeling next to me and three doctors standing in the doorway. I looked past them into the hall and there were more doctors and nurses as far as I could see."

Lisa called me in the Marketing Department and I came up to find the crowd of medical professionals had dispersed. Kenzie was sitting up sipping some orange juice, still shaky, but feeling a little better.
A quick call to Dr. Suzanne Hayes, pediatrician, got us an immediate appointment. After some tests, we are starting to get some answers. Apparently, what happened to Kenzie is not uncommon, and not dangerous.

Kenzie felt a lot better after we had Chik-Fil-A.

I just wanted to say an earnest thank you to Lisa and all the kind, concerned physicians and nurses who ran to Lisa's office on a moment's notice. It embarrassed the heck out of Kenzie, but I am very grateful.

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Glad she is OK