Monday, April 5, 2010

Volunteer Treated Like "Queen of England"

Edythe Burton, 83, has been a Fauquier Hospital volunteer for 47 years. She says that people come in to the Gift Shop where she works to tell her how nice everyone is at the hospital, and how people go out of their way to help.

A couple of weeks ago, Edythe had the chance to see for herself. One Thursday afternoon, she and her Gift Shop partner had just closed up the shop. As they were preparing to leave, Edythe told her friend she felt sick. She sat down and promptly fainted. When she came to, an Emergency Department supervisor, two nurses and a security guard were on their way to escort her to the ED.
“They treated me like Queen Elizabeth. They put me on the fast track and kept checking on me. Even the security guard kept checking on me.”

She joked, “I think one of the nurses must have told him I stole something.”
After she was transferred to the second floor, Edythe said, “One of the women looking after me gave me a sponge bath and did my hair for me. She teased it so it wouldn’t look so flat.” Edythe enthused, “I was never treated so well in all my life.

“I told the nurses that with all this attention, I might not want to leave.”
But after about 24 hours, Edythe was discharged with a diagnosis of anemia, and a week later she was back in the Gift Shop -- can’t keep a good woman down.

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