Monday, April 5, 2010

Mary Groves Gives Patients a Taste of Kindness

Melissa Finley, of the Patient Accounts Department at Fauquier Hospital, tells the story of a dear friend’s mother who was in and out of Fauquier Hospital during the last months of her life. A Hospice patient, she was battling pancreatic cancer and her appetite was poor.

“Mary Groves, in Food Services, made a real difference in this woman’s last days. Mary would do little special things so that she would have her food just the way she liked it. She put just a little milk in her tomato soup, or some maple syrup in her oatmeal.

“More than this, Mary was so tender and kind to my friend’s mom. She would come in and sit down by the bedside, eye to eye, and talk to her, listen to her. Even when my friend was back at home, she would talk about Mary’s kindness to her; when she had to be readmitted, she immediately wanted to know where Mary was.”

Melissa said she met Mary in the hall recently and they spoke for a moment or two of their friend’s passing. “Mary teared up a little,” said Melissa.

Mary said she used to wonder what she was put on this earth to do. “Then I realized, I could help people.”

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