Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fauquier Hospital Blood Drive Will Help 183 People

Barbara Crierie, of Fauquier Health's Community Outreach Department, wants to thank everyone who donated blood at the hospital on February 23. Sixty-four people came in to donate blood at the American Red Cross blood drive, and 61 pints were collected. These 61 pints of blood will help 183 people.

Barbara said, "Because of our loyal donors and faithful Auxiliary voluteers, Fauquier Health is able to hold six regular blood drives and one Type O blood drive a year."

Thanks to the following volunteers for handling registration and handing out snacks to the donors: Grace Andrea, Eulalie Graham, Marianne Hines, Catherine Sutphin and Dorothy Sutphin.
Mark your calendars for the next blood drive on Thursday, April 22.

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