Friday, March 19, 2010

Al Maxey’s Ten Tips to Successful Weight Loss

For everyone who read the last post wants to know how Al did it, here are his ideas:

1. Mix up your exercise routines. Your body will adjust to doing the same thing over and over and find a way to preserve your body fat. Mix in high-intensity cardio with lower-intensity cardio and weight training.

2. Drink lots of water and watch your
sodium intake. Water is vital to metabolism and you will often eat more food if your body doesn’t have enough water.

3. Have a support system. Get the whole
family involved in choosing foods, cooking, reading food labels and exercising.

4. Track calories consumed and burned. It is encouraging to see how many calories you burn, and if you track your food you can “make up for it” with exercise. The website has a great tool for tracking both food and exercise.

5. Eat early and often. A balanced, healthy diet actually provides quite a lot of food. Small meals and snacks spread over the day will help you burn more calories and stay fueled all day.

6. Step on the scale every day. I find that good or bad – I am motivated by knowing where I stand each and every day. Do it at the same time every day, preferably first thing in the morning. It is a big part of getting to know your body.

7. Measure your success. Body measurements are vital to measuring the success of your program. Because new activity will build muscle, sometimes the scale will not reflect your success right away.

8. Monitor your heart rate. Using a heart rate monitor while exercising will not only give you an indication of the intensity of the exercise, it will show you how quickly your cardiovascular health is improving.

9. Until you lose the weight, use it to your advantage. The bigger you are, the more calories you burn doing any activity. Choose activities that will burn more calories because of your body weight -- like walking, running, cycling and group exercises.

10. Eat dinner earlier. Try to eat about three hours before bedtime and forego the late night calories. Yes, beer and wine have calories … lots of them … so drink water after dinnertime.

11. (Bonus) Plan ahead. Have a good idea what you will have for lunch and snacks at least a day in advance so you don’t find yourself searching the vending machine for food.


mike said...

Great advice. I found that mixing up the workouts is very effective. And it prevents boredom and burnout, which is one of the greatest reasons people quit and program.

URS Billing Services said...

This is a great outline! I have read many times and have heard through R.D.'s as well as personal trainers that eating small meals throughout the day is key to losing weight.