Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Cool Tip from Fauquier Hospital -- Make Snow Cream

I’ve got a cool recipe for all of you stuck in the snow.

As Janice Cooke, CNA, and I stood by a fourth-floor window of Fauquier Hospital, looking out across the snow, she said that she was longing for some snow cream. Her mom used to make chocolate snow cream for her when she was a little girl.

You take a big bowl of fresh, pristine snow and add Hershey’s cocoa powder (real Hershey’s – no artificial stuff), some sugar and some milk. Stir it all up and you’ve got snow cream. Yum!

An added bonus: “It doesn’t go to waste. After it melts, it’s chocolate milk,” Janice said.

She cautioned, “My mother always told us not to use the first snow of the season. You have to wait for the second snow.”

She said that some people used vanilla extract to make vanilla snow, but Janice is a snow cream purist.

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