Friday, February 19, 2010

A Lot to Learn at Fauquier Health

I have learned a lot in the past few weeks.

I learned how to use Tweetdeck, a really cool application that lets you manage all your Tweets and Twitter followers and other Tweet-related paraphenalia. And I learned how to retweet. (Find Fauquier Health on Twitter at Fauquierhealth.)

I learned how to fix a text box that fails to show any text.

I learned that plastic snow shovels crack when you try to break ice with them.

I learned that Fauquier Health has welcomed two new physicians, radiologist Darshan Acharya, M.D., and pediatrician Alexander Eisen, D.O.

I learned how to post stories on Fauquier Health’s new website,

While exploring that very same website I learned that – besides being good-looking and functional -- it features incredibly comprehensive health information, and some awesome videos.

I learned how to spell gastroenterology.

I learned that that even when Fauquier County schools open two hours late, after dropping off my daughter I can almost get to work on time.

I learned that when measuring residents’ health in Virginia counties, a University of Wisconsin study ranked Fauquier 21 out of 132. (More on that in a future blog.)

I learned that Fauquier Health’s Facebook page has 282 fans.

I learned that “hospital” is spelled the same in English or Spanish.

Next week, I’m going to learn to whistle through my teeth, really loud, and what the Bistro on the Hill chefs do to make their soups taste so heavenly.

Knowledge is power.

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