Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fauquier Hospital Staff, Rescue Squads Working Hard During Blizzard

I woke at 8:30 this morning to a phone call telling me about a pregnant woman with contractions who came in to the hospital with the Rescue Squad this morning.

As I climbed out of my cot, I felt like a slacker when I realized that everyone else at Fauquier Hospital had been up for hours; they were hard at work already.

Well, not everyone was up. Those on the night shift had just gone to bed.

I stopped down in the Emergency Department, where I was accosted by Donna Burke, RN. “You have to write about the rescue squads. That’s the real story.”

Of the eight patients who arrived in the Emergency Department last night, six came by rescue squad. The rescue squad out of Little Washington, for instance, brought in two patients. “It took them an hour to get here, and they got stuck in the snow, but they made it. One woman who came in was very ill.” said Donna.

Not everyone who calls the ED is sick enough to come in to the ED, Donna said, “Sometimes it is elderly folks who are scared and alone. We got one call from a woman whose mother is alone and without power and she needs hemodialysis. The rescue squads are working on getting the mom to her daughter’s house.”

The ED is well-staffed, with those who stayed over last night and a few who made it in this morning. But the medical staff are also wives, moms, husbands and dads. As they provide compassionate care for their patients, they worry about their families, who may be home without power.

It’s a tough job, and I am constantly amazed at their dedication. After spending a half hour in the ED, I really feel like a slacker. Maybe I'll go shovel the parking lot.

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