Friday, February 19, 2010

Fauquier Health Reaches Out to Earthquake Victims

Upon hearing of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti, and the employees and administration of Fauquier Health opened their hearts and pocketbooks to the victims of the devastated country. In order to provide aid directly and quickly, Fauquier Health partnered with Medical Missionaries, located in Manassas, VA. The group is a non-profit volunteer coalition of more than 200 doctors, nurses, dentists and others who work to improve the health of the poorest of the poor in the U.S. and throughout the world. One area they focus on is along the Haiti-Dominican border.

The Fauquier Health Foundation issued an appeal to employees for donations to Medical Missionaries. Fauquier Health matched the employee donations $.50 for every $1 contributed by employees. Fauquier Health sent $11,124 from the employees, plus a matching gift of $5,562 from Fauquier Health for a total of $16,686.

In addition, the Fauquier Health Pharmacy ordered 40 different medications for the Medical Missionaries, which the Medical Missionaries were able to obtain at cost. Fauquier Health also coordinated a supply drive. In one day, the employees and administration contributed enough soap, toothpaste, wipes, diapers, and medical supplies (gowns, syringes, needles, sharps box, etc.) to fill the bed of a large pick-up truck and the inside and trunk of a Honda Accord. The supplies collected were loaded into a sea container that was shipped to Haiti for use by Medical Missionaries doctors. Several physicians, technicians and RNs affiliated with Fauquier Health also traveled to Haiti as volunteers with Medical Missionaries.

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