Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fauquier Hospital's Medical Missionaries

Along with Dr. David Snyder (see next blog entry), Dr. Suzanne Hayes, Piedmont Pediatrics pediatrician, and Drs. Doug Smith and Rente Austin, both Fauquier Health Emergency Department physicians, traveled to Haiti to help earthquake victims January 21. Dr. Snyder also is happy to have his retired scrub nurse along with him, Sherry Pace, who is a former Fauquier Health nurse. In addition to medical personnel, an engineer and several electricians are part of the group.

All are traveling under the auspices of the
Medical Missionaries, founded and still headed by Dr. Gil Irwin of Manassas. “He makes the calls,” said Dr. Snyder. “He has trailers full of supplies stored at an old dairy farm at Linton Hall. He collects donations and expired medical supplies 365 days a year, and sends them where they are needed.” Dr. Snyder grinned, “The best thing that ever happened to us was when they started dating medicine and medical equipment as expired.”

Dr. Kenneth Kornetsky, nephrologist, is Medical Missionaries’ number two man, organizing the Fauquier/Culpeper region.

Dr. William Barker, with Fauquier Health’s Emergency Department, has been in Haiti for the last two weeks.

Dr. Snyder said that Medical Missionaries has several more missions planned, to extend into March. Dr. David Pfeffer, urologist, will be packing his bags for Haiti within the next week or two.

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