Friday, November 13, 2009

Voice of America Records H1N1 Preparedness

Voice of America visited small town America last week to see how Fauquier Hospital is managing the H1N1 virus. Although our health district -- the Rappahannock Rapidan Health District -- has been the hardest hit in the state, Fauquier Hospital has been handling the pandemic well.

At the H1N1 virus's October peak, the hospital saw 50 flu patients a day, which added considerably to the Emergency Department's workload. But a seperate flu clinic and careful management of visitors to the hospital staved off the worst ramifications. In talking with other facilities, I find we are among the best prepared. It's comforting to know.

Readiness is all.

Numbers of flu patients have decreased significantly for now, so the separate clinic has been suspended. Visitor restrictions remain in place. Health experts expect a resurgence in flu patients before the flu season is over, so we are staying alert.

Click below for a peak at the Voice of America news piece on Fauquier Hospital. Dr. Tam Ly, Fauquier Health's infectious disease specialist and Tracy Turman, in charge of Emergency Preparedness, are featured in the video. Several patients are interviewed too, including an adorable -- though feverish -- infant.

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