Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make One Change for Health

Fauquier Health offers a rigorous wellness program for its employees. The current focus is on "Make One Change" -- choosing just one habit to change at a time.

It's a good concept. Instead of making 27 resolutions about avoiding French fries and walking five miles every day, the idea is to pick just one change at a time. Focusing on just one shift in your lifestyle allows you to really conquer it and make it a part of your life ... then you're ready for another change.

(Lance Armstrong's site,, takes a similar approach. The site "dares" you to take on specific challanges, and offers lots of support and information to help.)

Once you get some good ideas about where to start making your one change, Fauquier Health can help. The LIFE Center offers nutrition counseling, in addition to a full fitness center.

If you like, try a week for free. Take classes, use the equipement, and get a start on your "one change."

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