Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Couple Lends an Ear to Help Joint Replacement Patients

Carol and Frank Gilliam are a couple on a mission. They are Fauquier Hospital volunteers with a very specific job, to make the experience of joint replacement just a little bit better for our patients. Carol had both of her knees replaced at Fauquier Hospital's Center of Excellence for Joint Replacement, and Frank was her care partner throughout both surgeries.

As part of the joint replacement volunteer program, Carol and Frank visit current joint replacement patients to encourage and support them.

They can say, “We have been through this. We know it isn’t easy but you will feel so much better soon.”sometimes for a few minutes and other times for a half hour or more. Sometimes, they step in the room and can tell that a patient really isn’t up for a visit, so they respectfully slip out. Patients have responded very positively to their visits. Staff members are also grateful. “They are extra sets of eyes and ears.

If a patient is feeling down or upset, they let the staff know so the issue can be handled,” one third-floor nurse explained.

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