Monday, October 12, 2009

Find Reliable Information on H1N1 Vaccine Safety

There have been a number of headlines recently about fear over the H1N1 vaccine. The doctor who went on television to say he wouldn't give his kids the vaccine got a lot of attention. The large numbers of medical experts who are urging folks to get the vaccine ... not so much.

I would encourage residents -- parents in particular -- who are concerned about the vaccine's safety to turn off the sound bites and do some real research into the safety trials of this particular vaccine. Make up your own mind, but go to the medical information instead of relying on what your neighbor heard from a friend about the flu vaccine given in the 1970s.

This link is a good one for reliable information about vaccine safety. It's from the Centers for Disease Control:

And here is a great article that makes good common sense, stating the case for getting an H1N1 vaccine:

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Unknown said...

So where can a Warrenton resident get a vaccine?