Monday, August 3, 2009

Relay for Life Team Raises $3,500 for Cancer Research

Guest blog by Ally Law,Fauquier Health intern

For the last couple of decades, the
American Cancer Society has sponsored a community event called Relay for Life. This year it took place on the football field at Fauquier High School. The fundraiser is an all-night event where teams camp out and take turns walking around the track throughout the night. Everyone is there for the same reason: to raise money for cancer research in hopes of one day finding a cure.

Lois Sutphin and Chrissy Patterson, RNs in the Infusion Center, spearheaded a team for
Fauquier Hospital. The co-captains were able to gather 17 members from the Infusion Center, Outpatient Services, Preadmission Testing and Scheduling. In preparation for the big night, held this year on May 30, the team raised $3,500 by holding lunches every week in the Infusion Center, raffling off gift baskets and collecting donations.

Opening the event were the Survivor’s Walk – always a moving experience – and the Lighting of the Luminaries, in honor of those who have cancer and those who have lost the battle. After the opening ceremony, doves were released. The snow-white birds flew gracefully around the field once before heading home.

New to the event, Jane Weatherford, an RN in Fauquier Hospital’s Infusion Center, was asked to release one of the doves. She said,“It was so emotional, seeing the dove fly off. The whole thing surpassed my expectations. The event was so family friendly, expressing positive attitudes. I really appreciate the creativity of those who participated.”

Throughout the evening the hospital had a booth set up providing cancer education. Visitors to the booth were able to gather information about different screenings and when they should be done, prevention and early detection.

Among the many games and contests that were held over the course of the night, Fauquier Hospital won “best song,” which was written by Kris Lewis from Outpatient Services. She titled the song, “Purple Army Fight Song.” Kris said, “I am a cancer survivor and a nurse so I just went with it. Also, I work with a wonderful group of friends, so one of the verses was ‘we fight cancer with our friends.’ I am very blessed to be where I am and have a wonderful support group,” said Kris.

Chrissy said, “I am told I say this word too much, but the way I would describe the whole event is ‘awesome.’ Everyone was there for the same reason, it was definitely worth the work.”

The teams that gathered for Relay for Life raised more than $250,000. “It’s all about trying to find a cure for cancer,” said Lois. “We have seen huge strides.”
Lois and Chrissy plan to take an active role in the event again next year and encourage fellow hospital staff members to join in to support the cause.

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Jack said...

Awesome. Congratulations. You've done a great thing. And for an extra reminder of the importance of your participation in Relay for Life, I invite you to check out this short video -- -- about one Relay volunteer's "aha moment." I think you'll enjoy it.

Thanks and well done!