Monday, August 3, 2009

Patient-Centered Care Caught on Camera

We really know how to have fun here at Fauquier Health.

For the past couple of weeks a film crew (well ... one person with a video camera) has been seen all around the hospital filming examples of Fauquier Health's Planetree philosophy. Planetree, adopted in May of 2000, is a model of personalized care that is all-encompassing, from the design of the physical environment to the welcoming of family members as part of the health care solution.

Chris Kelleher of Medical Imaging has been capturing: a nurse explaining medical records to a patient and his care partner; a pediatric patient being comforted by a nurse; happy diners in the Bistro; a patient having an X-ray using the portable X-ray equipment in the Emergency Department; a pet therapy dog spreading cheer; and our chaplain, David Smith, leading a drumming session (it eases stress) on the Bistro patio.

The best part of the filming was spending time with Ashley Hoffman, clinical services technician, in the Outpatient Special Procedures Department. Ashley was generous enough to share her newborn twins, Aiden and Aaron, with the camera. Her OB/GYN, Dr. Lorraine Chun joined us along with a couple of nurses, and it was quite the welcoming party. Those babies were so adorable. We even got a baby yawn on tape. (See above.)

The result of all this creative activity will be a two-minute video that will be presented at the annual Planetree conference in October. The conference will be co-sponsored by Fauquier Hospital and will take place in Baltimore, Maryland. As part of the event, hospital officials from all over the country will visit Fauquier Hospital to "see how it's done."

As part of the video, 50 or so staff members participated in a specially designed line dance. For musical accompaniment, John Ferguson of the LIFE Center and Laura Payne of Dietary Services will sing a slightly altered version of "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

It has been tremendous fun drafting people for the video. Everyone has been great. Chris has proven herself to be a fine cameraperson and as director, I have reached new levels of bossiness -- and that is saying something.

When it's all done, we'll post it here on the blog, on our Facebook page (type in Fauquier Health in the search section of your Facebook page and join our page as a fan.) and on our website at

Stay tuned.

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Lisa Spitzer, RN said...

Thanks for the countless hours you spent on this project!! You are such an asset to the hospital!! Great job!

Lisa S.