Monday, August 3, 2009

Nurses Earn New Certifications

Eight nurses from Fauquier Health Home Health Services passed their Rehab Certification examinations and are now credentialed as Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRN). The hard-working eight are: Lisa Morgan, Geri Cantor, Rachel Payne, Gretchen LaForce, Connie Ballenger, Donna Shiflet, Lois Spoden and Mary Nally.

The Fauquier Health Rehabilitation & Nursing Center also had three nurses take the class and earn their CRRN accreditation. They are: Melissa Clark, Amy PerDieu and Emma Chauzin.

The goal of rehabilitation nursing is to assist individuals with disabilities and chronic illness. Rehabilitation nurses are skilled at treating alterations in functional ability and lifestyle resulting from injury, disability or chronic illness.

Rehabilitation nurses provide comfort, therapy and education; promote health-conducive adjustments; support adaptive capabilities; and promote achievable independence. Rehabilitation nurses also provide holistic, comprehensive and compassionate end-of-life care. This advanced education enables the RNs to have a better understanding of rehabilitation needs and to coordinate the multiple services that patients need.

The impetus to get these nurses additional certifications was an effort to support the Fauquier Health Joint Center of Excellence standards of quality.

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