Friday, August 28, 2009

LIFE Center Puts Health Goals Within Reach

Everyone has different reasons for swapping cake for carrots, television for exercise. For Louise
Windon, billing specialist for Home Care Services, the reason was pretty cut and dry. “I couldn’t
breathe and I didn’t feel well. I quit smoking in March of 2008 after 40 years and joined
Fauquier Health's LIFE Center a few months later in May.”

Complete Change In Lifestyle

She’s glad she did. Louise says, “I come five days a week at about 6 a.m., start on the elliptical, the treadmill or with stretching. Then I take an early morning class with Sara Freeman. Sara is great. She mixes it up. We do pilates, yoga, weight training, core training, plus stretching and relaxation.”

What has been the result of all this activity? “I feel great,” says Louise. “I have lots more energy -- and I know I’m easier to get along with. I have more endurance, and mentally I feel much better.”

LIFE Center Offers New Motivation

Stephanie Paugh, who works at Home Care Services as an administrative assistant, had a different motivation. In her 40s and leading a hectic lifestyle with two kids, Stephanie found that she was unhappy with her weight. A diminutive 4”11”, she was a size 12. Her goal was to lose several sizes and get down to a size 6.

Stephanie started going to the LIFE Center two to three times a week, but the weight was slow
to come off. When she upped her frequency to four to five times a week and started evaluating her food choices, “The weight started to move. I was so inspired by the LIFE Center employees, especially cycling instructors Amy (Moore) and Laurie (O’Conner), that it became my second home. I lost 33 pounds. After a year, I am now down to a size 2. I have changed what I eat and I am not going back!”

Sarah Pearson, former acting director at the Fauquier Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and current Planetree facilitator for FHRNC, joined the LIFE Center to become healthier and to lower her
cholesterol. She likes the spin and sculpting classes. “They offer some variety and keep me from getting bored.”

And there is one other part of the LIFE Center that keeps Sarah going back. “I go see Heidi Leavell (certified massage therapist) every month for a hot stone massage – it’s my treat to myself.”
Linda Costello, rehab nurse specialist at the LIFE Center, said she signed up as a member so she could be a positive example to her patients. “I wanted to lose weight and get in better shape. I have made some progress and have a goal to lose another 20 pounds.”

Classes Keep Employees on Their Toes

What motivates Linda? “Starting Zumba made all the difference in my weight loss. I take all the Zumba classes I can fit into my schedule.”

All of these women agree that the supportive and friendly atmosphere at the LIFE Center has made getting in shape easier. Sarah adds, “I really like the atmosphere, the warm physical environment and the warm and inviting staff members all have a great sense of humor, which I love. It’s not an intimidating gym like other facilities.”

Louise sums it up: “I want to go there every morning. It’s part of my social life.”

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