Monday, May 25, 2009

Liberty High Students Shadow Healthcare Workers

Here you'll find a guest blog, contributed by Emily Campbell, Liberty High School student. Thanks, Emily, for writing about your classmates' experiences.

On April 23, students from Liberty High School participated in a career shadowing day. Thirty-five students took a trip to Fauquier Hospital. Students shadowed in the Emergency Department, the Infusion Center, the Family Birthing Center and the Intensive Care Unit.

Sue Harmon, Liberty High guidance counselor, helped to pair students with the healthcare workers they chose to shadow.

Junior Emma Miller was one of the students who shadowed at Fauquier Hospital. Emma spent the day in the ICU shadowing a dialysis nurse and an EKG technician. She enjoyed working with the nurses. “It was a good experience. The nurses are all really nice and helpful,” said Emma.

Another large department of the hospital is the ED. Junior Katherine Spiteri shadowed in this particular department. “The nurse I shadowed worked with me on patient charts; we looked at CT scans and X-ray machines in the radiology department. The nurse also put two people in trauma rooms.” Katherine said working in the ER was very exciting and that she would consider it as a career because she has wanted to for a long time.

Junior Kristen Attkisson shadowed in the hospital's Family Birthing Center. While there, she followed four different neonatal nurses. Kristen checked the heart rate of babies and checked the monitors of the mothers. All mothers had delivered the day before. Kristen said that she would definitely look into being a neonatal nurse as a career. “I’ve wanted to work in this field since I was little because I like working with babies,” she said.

One of the most important fields in the hospital was the pathology lab. Within the pathology department are a bunch of smaller departments, which include microbiology, cytology, the blood bank used for blood transfusions, and histology. Senior Shauna Plesmid, who shadowed a pathologist, was able to look at anthrax, HPV, AIDS, and she helped test for staph infection.

Overall, the students that participated in this exciting trip to the hospital were able to explore different career paths. Sue Harmon and the rest of the Liberty staff would like to thank Fauquier Hospital for their participation and willingness to help educate these students on life in a hospital environment.

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