Monday, April 27, 2009

Fauquier Health Receives American Red Cross Award

Fauquier Health was presented with the Healthcare Hero Award at the annual American Red Cross sponsor celebration held on April 3 in Fredricksburg. This recognition is made possible by all of the hostital's faithful blood donors and Auxiliary volunteers who provide enthusiastic support of the blood program.

Our blood drives collected a total of 305 pints. Considering that each pint can help three people, Fauquier Health donors and volunteers provided lifesaving blood for 915 people during 2008.

Here are some kind words from Tammy Berfield, supervisor of donor recruiters, Central Virginia, Mid-Atlantic region. “Fauquier Health has been active in the blood program for many years. However, this year, the health system reached outside its doors and assisted us in pulling together local churches with a strong African American congregation to get a blood drive started. This was not only successful in collecting blood, but also helped raise awareness within
this segment of the community.”

She added, “When I came to Fauquier Health and explained how we were going to adjust our focus so that we could have more type O available for hospitals to use, they agreed to add a type O only drive. We were able to attract not only a new group of donors, but ones that have type O blood… not an easy thing to do.

“We have done this drive twice, and each time collected 24 type O pints, with no affect on the regular drives. Fauquier Health has grown its blood program from six drives a year to eight. Fauquier Health made a conscious decision to have a direct impact on the blood collected in their community and is truly a health care hero.”

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