Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fauquier Health Teaches Safety at KidSafe

Fauquier Health will host KidSafe — a health and safety event for children ages 4 to 11 — on Saturday, March 14, from 9 a.m. to noon, at Highland School in Warrenton. In addition to fun activities, the event will provide important health and safety lessons that will last a lifetime.

KidSafe is a community service sponsored by Fauquier Health, Fauquier Hospital Auxiliary and Highland School. The booster seat raffle that will take place at the event is sponsored by Carr & Hyde, Inc., Puffenbarger Insurance Agency, Wal-Mart and Joe Runion, State Farm.

KidSafe will offer the following health and safety classes:
• Home alone safety (Warrenton Pediatrics): Kids who spend time alone need to know what to do in a variety of potentially dangerous situations. Learn important safety advice from the experts.
• First aid (Piedmont Pediatrics): Do you know what to do if you or someone else gets hurt? Sometimes you need more than a bandage. Come and learn how you can help people and when you need to call an adult to help.
• Bike safety (Warrenton Police Department): Whether you’re on a bike trail or zooming around your neighborhood, knowing some good rules can help keep you safe on your bike. This class will go over the basics.
• Fire safety (Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company): No one wants to think about their home catching fire, but you should have a plan nonetheless. Firefighters will teach important lessons about preventing fires and getting out of harm’s way if there is a fire.
• Gun safety (Corporal Mike Miller, Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office): Every year, preventable accidents happen when children play with guns. Even if there are no guns at your house, you should still learn about gun safety.
• Body safety for kids (Fauquier County Sheriff ’s Office and Fauquier County Social Services): This class will help you understand the difference between “good” and “bad” touch and how to say no when you want someone to keep their hands off.
• Weather safety (Mike Eckert, National Weather Service in Washington): Tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods and hail — find out what causes them and how you can keep safe.
• Animal safety (Piedmont Pets Veterinary Clinic): How do you know when petting an animal is safe? Dog bites and cat scratches aren’t fun, so come learn the best way to introduce yourself to unfamiliar animals.
• Self-defense for kids (Grand Master Ron Jenkins, Karate Sports Academy): Learn some smooth moves to help if you’re ever in a dangerous situation.
• Safety with electricity (Dominion Virginia Power): Electricity is very helpful and important — but it can be dangerous. Let a professional show you the ins and outs of staying safe with things that use electricity.

Register Early for a Free Backpack
Be one of the first 600 kids to preregister for KidSafe, and you’ll get a FREE backpack, thanks to a generous donation from the Fauquier Hospital Auxiliary.
Call Fauquier Health at 540-316-3588 or visit www.

Just for Parents
Members of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office will be offering free child fingerprinting at KidSafe. It’s the best tool to help find your child if he or she is ever lost.

Safe Kids Buckle Up
A recent study showed that more than 70 percent of car safety seats are installed incorrectly. Learn about the right safety gear for every ride and take the opportunity
to consult with a certified car seat safety technician from the Safe Kids USA organization. He or she can inspect your child safety seats.

More cool stuff
Live Music for Kids
Peter McCory, the One-Man Band for Kids and Families, plays many instruments — all at the same time!

Dash, the Drug Detective Dog
Check out the highly trained drug detective dog and his owner from the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. They’ll show you how they sniff out drugs in crime investigations.

Fire and Rescue Units
Meet some of our local heroes with the fire department and rescue squad. Check out the emergency vehicles they use to help people in the community.

Furry Friends
Visit with Safety Pup, Fauquier Health’s big, cuddly puppy who helps kids learn about safety.

CSI Germ Glo
Not enough can be said about the importance of cleanliness, proper hand washing and infection control. Using an ultraviolet light, our CSI Germ Glo investigators will cast a new light on your hand-washing effectiveness.

Face Painting
This fun and magical experience will add excitement and fantasy to your day.
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Get a Free Booster Seat
To help ensure that more children are safe in their parents’ cars, Fauquier Health will raffle a limited number of booster seats at KidSafe.

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