Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bistro Is Recognized by Board of Health

Anyone who has visited Fauquier Health's Bistro on the Hill knows it's a few steps up from a typical hospital cafeteria. With a fresh salad bar, homemade pizza, Mongolian barbeque, and homestyle specials every day, the variety is exceptional and the quality first class.
Operating the Bistro on the Hill is a vast undertaking.

Vernon Rhea runs the full-scale restaurant with kindly precision. He stays on top of every detail and knows every staffer.

His efforts have paid off again. On a recent inspection carried out by the Virginia Health Department, the Bistro exceeded all state standards, and had no deficiencies -- for the third inspection in a row.

The Virginia Health Department normally does inspections twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The inspections take about an hour per visit. The focus is on food safety as it relates to temperatures of food and equipment, general sanitation and employee personal cleanliness during preparation of foods.

Vernon said, "They check on our Food Service Serv-Safe Certification. We exceeded all state standards by having 23 of our Food Service Employees certified as Safe Food Handlers. The requirement is to have one Serv-Safe Certified employee on premises during hours of operation."

Congratulations to the Bistro staff!

Now, what's for lunch?

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