Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking for a Reason to Celebrate

I think that the holidays are arriving just in the nick of time.

Every place I look, I see evidence that people really need something to be happy about -- a reason to be distracted from failed mortgages, global strife and an endangered environment.

I noticed last month that on Halloween, the percentage of folks who dressed up for the occasion was way up, and spirits (if you’ll excuse the expression) were high. More houses than usual sported happy little skeletons and my kids’ Trick or Treat bags were very full at the end of the night. It was a night of reveling, a chance to forget.

It was that way too, at Fauquier Health’s annual Holiday Faire. Fifty-two vendors offered their wares last Friday and the mood was decidedly jubilant.

Del Clarambeau of the Fauquier Health Maintenance Department played a jolly Santa Claus and the ever-cheerful Amy Ashby of Human Resources was a taller-than-average elf in bright green and red regalia.

When young Ryan Brundage (son of Jennifer Brundage, a Fauquier Health clinical technician) toddled into the Fauquier Health Resource Center with his mom, he spotted Santa and immediately walked purposefully over and climbed on the big guy’s lap. Although not yet talking in full sentences, Ryan knew who was the most important person in the room.

Gift-wrapping volunteers Edythe Burton, Nancy Allen and Betty Seniw watched while Ryan snagged a candy cane out of the basket and showed everyone the meaning of happiness: peppermint candy and the promise of toys.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the floor shopping was intense. Urologist David Pfeffer, M.D. manned a booth that displayed the results of his glass-blowing hobby. Holiday ornaments and other glassware in swirling colors caught the eye of many a shopper.

Members of the Fauquier Health Arts and Entertainment Committee sold popcorn, cookies, and other baked goods. Holiday decorations, hats and scarves, jewelry and gifts for the home were on sale. Business was brisk.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Laughter filled the halls of the conference center and it felt right.

It was just the right medicine, at just the right time.

Now, who’s ready for another dose?

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