Monday, October 27, 2008

New Doctors’ Offices Debut at Lake Manassas

GAINESVILLE: Fauquier Health Internal Medicine at Lake Manassas will open its doors November 3 in Gainesville, serving busy families living near the eastern borders of Fauquier County.

Internists Esther Bahk, M.D. and Marwa Abdelfattah, M.D. will provide primary care services in a convenient, patient-centered environment. Both doctors are excited about serving the Gainesville patient population.

Dr. Bahk said, “I am looking forward to establishing myself in the community and creating lasting relationships with my patients.”

The doctors said they were pleased to be part of the Fauquier Health family, with its focus on patient-centered care. Dr. Abdelfattah explained, “I love the Planetree concept of providing ‘an excellent patient experience,’ of involving patients and families in decisions about their own health care. It’s what I do. I am happy to have found a place where our philosophies are compatible.”

The new office will offer quality health care with an emphasis on convenience. Among the considerations for busy families:

• Early morning and evening hours, as well as appointment times on Saturdays.
• Same-day appointments are available for non-emergency care.
• A concierge meets patients at the front desk to answer questions and help them navigate through the process.
• A business cafĂ© provides dedicated space with wi-fi service for those who would like to work – or play – on their computers while they wait for family members.
• Lab work, including blood tests, can be accomplished on site.
• The new medical offices will have access to Fauquier Hospital diagnostic scheduling and records. Radiology or laboratory tests to be completed at the hospital may be arranged from the Lake Manassas offices.
• Medicare patients are welcome.
Dr. Bahk said, “My husband and I are both working parents. When we were looking for a pediatrician, we sought out a doctor who offered quality care, and convenience, too. I look forward to helping patients who have that same kind of lifestyle.”

Dr. Abdelfattah is a Gainesville resident and is eager to begin serving her neighbors. “As an internist, working with this diverse patient population is going to be very satisfying.”

Fauquier Health Internal Medicine, Lake Manassas
Address: Suite 101, 7915 Lake Manassas Drive, Gainesville
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 noon
Phone: 703.743.7300
Information: For details, call Physician Referral at 540.316.DOCS

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