Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grand Opening of New Emergency Department

Fauquier Hospital has doubled the size of its Emergency Department and added new features and upgrades.
“We’ve added a big, beautiful, new waiting room (opening October 15) that is going to provide a lot more comfort for our patients,” said Dr. Joseph Servideo, chairman of the Fauquier Hospital Emergency Department. “We’re also opening up more exam rooms and adding more physicians and clinical staff. All of this means we’ll be able to serve our patients much more quickly.”

The new ED expansion will not only allow for more flexibility during peak patient times, but it will also help the staff adapt to increasing demands created by future growth. “The hospital administration was very open to making the ED a little larger than what we needed for right now,” Dr. Servideo explained. “So this new expansion should easily serve us for the next five to 10 years.”

Highlights of the expansion include:

• 13,000 additional square feet of space, bringing the total number of square feet in the ED to 25,660

• 13 additional patient rooms, for a total of 33 private patient rooms in the ED

• A new, ED-dedicated CT scanner, providing convenient access and quicker results for ED patients

• Two state-of-the-art trauma suites that allow maximum use of space in the event of large-scale accidents or tragedies

• Dedicated rooms for obstetrical and orthopedic patients

• Two negative pressure rooms for potentially contagious patients that prevent the spread of infections

• New technology that includes: a digital imaging system that allows physicians to view x-rays within seconds; voice recognition dictation system; an electronic patient tracking system, which allows hospital personnel to see and update the location and status of each patient from anywhere in the ED

• Portable digital x-ray machines that can travel from room to room, for patient comfort and convenience

• Streamlined admission procedures through bedside registration, clinical staff information white boards for patient rooms, specialized treatment rolling carts, and more

• Inspired by nature themes, the expanded waiting room space is designed to inspire and soothe. It’s beautifully functional. New additions include an office for security; a private financial counseling room; new reception desk; new reception office space; and an area with vending machines and tables for patients and visitors. A children’s area will make waiting with little ones a bit easier, and two large triage rooms will offer staff more space to assess patients as they arrive.

• The new entrances, one for self-transported patients and one for ambulances, are sweeping, open areas that will welcome patients to the Fauquier Hospital ED

• A few more parking spaces have been added, and a traffic circle will allow anxious drivers to drop off and pick up patients more easily

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