Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Ask! Pharmacy Campaign Offers Personal Attention

It's easier than ever for Fauquier Hospital in-patients to be well-informed about their medications.

To help educate patients on the role of hospital pharmacists, as well as on medication safety overall, Fauquier Health pharmacy staff members conducted a "Just Ask!" campaign in June and July. The Pharmacy Department distributed fact sheets about in-hospital pharmacists, and a Medication Information Line allowed patients to call with questions.

Because the campaign was so successful, the Medication Information Line has been made a permanent feature of the Pharmacy Department.

Margaret Rowe, pharmacy director explained, “Staffing pharmacists who work on each inpatient nursing unit help us to individualize patients’ pharmaceutical care. We wanted to make sure that patients are aware of the pharmacy team and the services we can provide to hospitalized patients.”

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