Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do the Can-Can for weight loss

I ran into John Ferguson at the LIFE Center the other day, and he was even more animated than usual – and that’s saying something! He had some good news to share.

John teaches the water workout exercise classes through the LIFE Center. They are held at Warrenton Overlook Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s aqua therapy pool.

John said that he issued a challenge to his class to lose 100 pounds (as a group) in two months. The reason John was busting with excitement? His class dropped twice that much – 204.5 pounds! They celebrated recently at the Bonefish Grill.

And John has issued a new challenge – the Can-Can Challenge -- for September 2 to November 1, for his Level II Aqua classes only.

John has his own mantra to inspire his students:
“Yes I can exercise,
Yes I can lose the weight,
The words ‘I can’t’ will not be used.”

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