Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three-and-a-half pound newborn is thriving

Lillie Digges has been impatient since the day she was born -- which was only a few weeks ago. She came into the world June 10, at Fauquier Hospital's Family Birthing Center.

Lillie couldn't wait the standard 40 weeks to be born, so she appeared at 35 weeks, even though she was only 3 pounds, 5 ounces. Then, having successfully arrived,
she couldn't wait to get home. So she ate up a storm (a few ounces at a time) and put on weight faster than anyone expected. She was released to head home with her mom, Ashley Connor on June 24, several days ahead of schedule.

Right from the start, "Lillie Pad" (as the nurses liked to call her) was "feisty."

"Most 35-weekers don't do as well as Lillie," said Stephanie Rothgeb, RN. "She started gaining weight right away.

"She was a celebrity around here. People would come in and ask 'How's little Lillie?' We really connected with her, and were surprised to see her go home so soon. We miss her, but we're so glad she is thriving."

I'll have more about Lillie in my next blog post.

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