Sunday, July 13, 2008

OR personnel carry team ethic to the softball field

When I told my 19-year-old daughter I couldn't meet her for dinner because I was covering a softball game, she nodded and smiled absently. Then, after a mental double-take, looked confused.

"Covering a softball game?" she asked incredulously.

For years, as a community journalist, I would write on a regular basis about any sporting or news event that came up. (I remember one mud racing story that had me picking dirt from my teeth for days.)

But now that I was working for the health system, she wondered, why was I covering a softball game?

Friday night, Fauquier Health's softball team -- the Scrubs -- played Molly's Irish Pub of Warrenton in a double header. The teams are part of the Always Active adult sports league. Members of the Scrubs include operating room staff, anesthesia staff and surgeons.

Twenty members of the squad were present at the Taylor Middle School field Friday, looking snappy in their powder blue T-shirts. (The Scrubs has a larger roster than normal, since so many of their group could at any time be otherwise occupied saving lives.)

It was nice to see the Fauquier Hospital players bring their work hard/play hard ethic onto the softball field, and the teamwork they have perfected on the job translated well to the diamond. They performed as a unit and supported one another -- the definition of teamwork, on and off the field.

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