Friday, July 11, 2008

Local artist exhibits artwork at Fauquier Hospital

For those of you who haven't spent any time wandering the hallways at Fauquier Hospital, there is an art wall reserved for the work of local artists that is worth checking out. It is located on the first floor, near the hospital's conference rooms (Sycamore Rooms A and B and the Chestnut Room), almost directly over the Bistro on the Hill. (It's a perfect place for the displays, in the hallway leading to where many community outreach programs are held, and just one floor up from Fauquier's favorite eating place.)

It's only natural that hospital leaders created this special place for local artwork. The generous sprinkling of art that may be seen all around the hospital is a conscious effort.

Fauquier Hospital is a Planetree-designated facility. The Planetree model of patient-centered care recognizes that it takes more than sutures and medicine to "get better." The physical environment -- open, airy and artfully decorated -- lends itself to healing as well.

Artists who have recently displayed their creations at the hospital include Martha Thomas, who works in acrylics, Gary Huff, who in addition to painting watercolors owns Holy Cow Designs in Culpeper, and Brian Garrett, a photographer.

Fauquier artist Linda Lawler will be displaying her artwork at Fauquier Hospital through September 5, 2008. A conservation activist in Fauquier County, she says that her landscapes are motivated by her love of her home and surrounding countryside.

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