Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How's little Lillie?

A little background on Lillie's dramatic appearance (see blog below):
As Ashley Connor, 19, entered the last weeks of her pregnancy, her OB/GYN Dr. Gina Moore recognized that the baby did not seem to be growing. Ultrasounds and tests to measure the baby’s breathing and movement revealed that there might be a problem.

Dr. Moore asked Ashley to stay overnight at Fauquier Hospital June 9, and when test results were no better the next day, a cesarean section was performed.

The doctor said, “Ashley deserves credit for voicing her concerns to me, for showing up for all of her appointments and doing all that was asked of her. As a very young woman she showed the utmost of responsibility and concern for her precious baby. She handled the news of her baby's danger with poise and maturity.”

“I was scared,” said Ashley. “She was so little. I’m just so glad she’s OK."

Dr. Moore added that “I had the utmost confidence in the nursing care Ashley and Lillie received. Whenever I visited labor and delivery (The O'Shaughnessy Family Birthing Center) in the days and weeks after her birth, Lillie was always under the direct, attentive care of one of the nurses.”

Dr. Moore said that Lillie’s story is “not unusual at Fauquier. The hardworking labor and delivery nurses and techs pour themselves into all of their patients. They work as a team in all cases -- often deliveries are attended by two or three nurses and a tech helping each other, helping me, helping the patient. They exemplify what is great about Fauquier Hospital.”

Before Lillie was discharged – at 3 pounds, 8 ounces -- Ashley got one last lesson from the nurses in the Family Birthing Center. Gathered around a sink padded well with hospital towels, RN Stephanie Rothgeb, helped Ashley bathe her daughter.

As the women gently washed the tiny Lillie, Stephanie kept up a soothing commentary: “Make sure you keep her warm. When you are washing one part of her, cover the rest of her with a towel… Make sure to wash around her neck really carefully. With all those folds and creases, it’s easy to miss something… And don’t leave her alone, not even for a second.”

Ashely listened carefully and asked questions. “It’s a little scary,” she worried. “What if I do something wrong?”

Despite her fears, a last-minute check with Ashley Connor on July 15 revealed a young mother who is very happy – and equally exhausted. “It’s tough getting up at night, but she is great. She smiles all the time now.”
Lillie is still eating every three hours. Ashley said, “Dr. Moore said she could go four hours, but she lets me know when she’s hungry.”

Now that she’s up to 5 pounds, Lillie’s clothes fit better that she did at first. By the time she’s two months old, Ashley expects she’ll be able to wear “regular” newborn outfits.

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