Thursday, July 31, 2008

From a Volunteer’s Point of View

We have a special treat in store for you today. Fatemeh Nosrati, one of Fauquier Health's Junior Volunteers, has written a guest blog. Fatemeh is a rising high school sophomore, volunteering in the marketing department this summer. Below you will find her impressions.
(In the photo at right, a Career Fair for all Junior Volunteers gave them a glimpse at opportunities in the health care field. Nearly all the departments of Fauquier Health took part in the event.)

I think everyone at one point in their young life begins to wonder what they are going to do when they grow up. Most of us, I think, are unsure. That is how I felt last summer as a rising freshman in high school. I knew for sure that I loved to interact with people and bring joy into their lives. I was fascinated by biology, and loved to watch programs on television that had anything to do with human anatomy and the like. I had even thought of becoming a doctor when I grew up.

But so many questions rushed through my head. What kind of doctor did I want to become? And was it really what I thought it was going to be? What about my love for computers, art, and literature? I was confused and ready to find the answers to my questions.

I decided to become a junior volunteer at the Fauquier Hospital. I hoped that gaining insight into health care workers’ careers would help me to find what I truly loved to do.

My volunteer experience in the summer of 2007 was exceedingly satisfying. I found immediately that the hospital was full of not only skilled doctors and obliging nurses, but also with people who seemed that they where highly satisfied with their jobs. This satisfaction was reflected through their diligent work. The staff members backed one another up, creating an interlocking system like no other, providing for so many of our citizens. And so I went on to discover each field, one department at a time.

I started at the front desk, greeting people, answering their questions, and showing them through the hospital. I spent some time in medical imaging, where I caught a glimpse of some x-rays while the technicians and doctors where discussing diagnoses.

Upstairs on the patient floors, I kept busy filling water pitchers and making beds for sick patients, who were completely gratified to see me; in return I was eminently satisfied to be able to help them.

In the pharmacy, I learned the names and uses of so many medicines while sorting new inventories and disposing of expired ones under the supervision of a technician. I weaved through the hospital, creating a quilt of experiences. Each area that I volunteered in was woven in as a unique square.

One of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far was in the Stone House, where the marketing department is housed. What I enjoyed the most was how interactive it was. Just being around these people, I have been inspired by their original and innovative ideas.

Now it is my second year volunteering and I have remained loyal to the Stone House. Just yesterday I was asked to contribute my thoughts for the Fauquier Health website. Gayla VandenBosche, a marketing specialist, assigned me to contribute ideas by researching other hospital websites. She told me that I was being assigned “a legitimate marketing research project.”

And here I am now, writing for Robin Earl’s blog! I now know I’m not just here to file papers or stick postage stamps on envelopes, but I am here to do what a volunteer is truly set out to do, contribute to the community. Of course, those things still need to be done, and I am glad I took a burden off of someone’s shoulders.

The best part about being a volunteer here is that in my quest to find my ideal career, I no longer search hopelessly. I search confident, with ideas and experiences to back up my ambitions.

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