Friday, June 20, 2008

Praying Hands Group Offers Spiritual Support

Recognizing that comfort during difficult times can come from a higher power, Fauquier Health System employs a chaplain to help with the spiritual needs of patients and their families.

Those who visit the hospital are encouraged to involve their faith community to provide spiritual support. Additionally, patient care staff recognizes and responds to this area of need as each is able to do, whether it be a quiet prayer for the patient, a comforting word of encouragement or a formal prayer.

Recently, Caplain David Smith, director of Pastoral Care at Fauquier Health System, invited all staff members to join a Spirituality Work Team, which will offer prayer for patients.

The Pastoral Care Department and the Spirituality Work Team are combining resources to assist patients who come to the hospital and desire that someone pray for them. Currently, patients are asked on admission if they would like someone to pray for them. Many patients request this service.

Anyone who would like to speak with Chaplain Smith to discuss spiritual needs may e-mail or call 316-5000, ext. 3411.

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