Sunday, June 22, 2008

Knowledge is Power

It just goes to show you – fitness can be fun. Three conference rooms were transformed June 20 into a well-equipped fitness facility for Fauquier Health System's Employee Health and Fitness Day.

In one corner, Heidi Leavall was treating co-workers to neck and shoulder massages; in another Aren Dodge was bragging about the accomplishments of the Weight Watchers at Work program; close by, a height/weight/BMI station was set up. Linda Costello, Betty Jo Mocarski, Lori Fletcher and Pamela Gay were testing blood pressure and blood sugar, and a display was set up to inform staff about health insurance benefits from Cigna.

One of the more lively sections was where staff members were being evaluated for their fitness levels. Amy Moore, who started fulltime at the LIFE Center July 7 and John Ferguson, who is already a fixture there, were helping employees to see the areas where they were strong and where improvement is needed.

In a blur, Micheal Kresse from facilities management breezed through 75 pushups, cheered on by Gene Monago, LeAnn McCusker and John. Michael was barely breathing hard when he jumped up to receive his “well above average” score.

Other fitness stations included those for situps and flexibility. Employees were game to try, and got down on the floor in their scrubs or removed their badges from around their necks to participate.

Fresh fruit and animal crackers were stocked for an energy pickup, and of course, plenty of bottled water.

Why did employees take time from their busy days to stop by?

Mary Celedonia of Radiology said it was to “see all her friends from the LIFE Center.” She is a member there and apparently, has bonded with those energetic folks.

Quatye Moon, of PAT, said she came because she was curious. With Fauquier Health System for a little over a year, she said, “I must have missed the last one. I wanted to see what was offered.”

Other motivation for attending? It was a chance to earn points on the Pillars of Wellness program for those engaged in FHS’s wellness program.

VP of Senior Services Mary Smith was one of several who tried out the new ultra-high-tech exercise bicycles just purchased for the LIFE Center. Amy Moore explained that the new equipment will be used to begin a spinning class at the center. “It’s fun. You’ll love it,” she enthused.

Meanwhile, in the Chestnut Room, Sarah Freeman was leading a pilates class, giving lots of individual attention in proper technique.

Other classes given during the day included yoga and island dancing – a popular offering at the LIFE Center.

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